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Course Description

This course includes the Hot 26 Dialogue, as well as receiving a

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification.


For those of you who wish to be ready to teach Hot 26 there is a significant amount of time outside of class learning the dialogue either alone or with your peers. 


You are welcome to take this course as a deeper path to strengthen your own personal practice or to step into becoming a Yoga Teacher. 


There is a minimum of 20 hours of independent study, as well as mandatory 3-5 Mentorship hours between modules where you will meet with one of our staff members and other classmates to practice teaching, dialogue, sequencing, or specified topics.

Module 1: The 8fold path of Yoga   

  • Learn how to use the Yoga philosophy in daily life

  • The 8 fold path of Yoga as an integrated path

  • The first part of the Hot 26 Dialogue

  • Asana practice includes Hot 26, Vinyasa Basics , Restorative Practice 

  • Mindfulness

  • Pranayama Theory and practice

  • Kirtan Sanskrit Chanting

  • Community Building and Support

  • Asana Clinic to support teaching all levels of students 

  • Practical Foundations of Teaching Yoga





Module 2:  Yoga is an ancient practice

History and Philosophy in depth studies with Master Teacher Shastri

  • Dive deeper into Asana Practice and Study

  • Include Dialogue for Hot 26

  • Sequencing with Sun Salutations for Vinyasa Flow

  • Immersion into the History and Philosophy

  • Satsang with Shastri

  • Strong Asana Vinyasa Flow and Practices

  • Restorative How To Set Up a Class, the ins and outs to teaching

  • Pranayama Practice and Theory

  • Meditation

  • Group Asana Clinics

  • Modifications and Variations in Asana




Module 3: Anatomy of Yoga

  • Immersion into Yoga Anatomy with Master Teacher Ruth O'Donnell

  • Yin Yoga and Its Effects on the body/ nervous system

  • Practice Yin Yoga

  • Sequencing 

  • Hot 26 Asana Clinic

  • Restorative Practice

  • Meditation

  • Kirtan



Module 4 - Integrate The Mind Body Spirit with The Science of Ayurveda

  • Learn  how Ayurveda is the compliment to Yoga with Master Teacher Dr. Suhas author of Hot Belly Diet

  • Learn about your personal Dosha and how it can be balanced

  • Yoga as a lifestyle through Ayurveda

  • Practice Asana Hot 26, Restorative, Yin 

  • Meditation

  • Asana Clinic

  • Sequencing Restorative Yoga



Module 5 -  Embody & Embrace Yourself as a Yoga Teacher & Learn The Business Aspects of Teaching Yoga

  • Find out about how to run a successful Yoga Business

  • How to identify your niche or passion

  • The ins and outs of running a Yoga Studio

  • Learn what viable income streams are in the profession of Yoga

  • Find out what is expected to become Yoga Alliance Certified and Hot 26 qualified

  • Thai Yoga 

  • Practice Teaching to your peers

  • Asana Hot 26, Restorative, Yin

  • Support others in building confidence

  • Yoga as a lifestyle with community as we celebrate our efforts 

  • Kirtan and Meditation Practice