New Optimized Village Yoga Pricing

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

These new hot yoga passes are dialed in so all you have to do is show up!

Success in yoga practice – heck in life! – really comes down to 3 major factors:




In other words: you will succeed at almost any task by continued deliberate focused effort toward that task!

This is why we’ve spent time planning out our new optimized pricing.

We’ve curated every detail to promote and support your yoga practice so you can get maximum benefits – physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially!

The truth is you shouldn’t have to worry about your yoga pass – focus on what’s important - your yoga practice!

Here’s the breakdown of our new optimized pricing option, a description of the yogi they are for, and some FAQ answers

Village Unlimited

a.k.a The Ultimate Hot Yoga Pass

Value: $111/month ($89/month)

This is already our most popular pass!

This pass is for you because you’re ready to get real about your yoga practice. You understand that taking personal responsibility for your health and wellness is not just a good idea, but also a personal obligation.


If you plan on a 2+ day per week practice this is for you!

With this pass you eliminate all barriers to your practice and get some epic perks!

- 3 week long buddy passes - 15% off selected workshops - 15% off 1 private lesson - Kids 13-17 $5 drop ins -Freeze up to 2 months per year

Only $111 / month

***$89 / month if you opt in during your intro pass or you’re eligible for our concession pricing*

That’s as low as $11 per class when you practice on 2x per week, less when you practice more!

~ Be an Ultimate Yogi Here! ~

Village Fiver

a.k.a The Busy Yogi

Value: $69/month

We get it. Life gets busy with your spouse, kids, work, school and playing!

You understand the value and responsibility of your personal health. And you know that holistic health must include your financial health.

You need a pass that supports your practice at a frequency that is currently real for you to maintain.

If you usually practice once a week, on occasion more, this pass is for you.

Get up to 5 classes per month for only $69. Only $13.80 per class (reg. $20)

Additional classes are subject to the drop in rate.

~ Join the Village Fiver Here ~

The 10 Pack

a.k.a The Casual Yogi

Value: $160

This is the perfect pass for you if you travel ofte

n, work away, or simply just cannot make it in more than 3 times-ish per month.

Get 10 classes straight up for $160. A great savings vs the drop in rate ($20).

You have 1 whole year to use your classes. Want to do more in a year at a discounted rate? Buy another 10 pack for $60 off at the same time and get 20 classes for $260!

~ Pack Up Here ~



What if I still have a current pass?

Don’t worry. You can grab any of our new pass options but start your new option in the future.

Or if you’d prefer to start your new option right away you can place your existing pass on hold.

OR if you’re feeling generous we’ll allow you to transfer your remaining classes to a yoga buddy!

What if I just love one of the existing passes that will no longer be available?

We understand that change can be challenging (I mean heck we’re in the business of transformation) so we’re happy to allow you to purchase any existing pass before the official switch date of March 20, 2018. And yes you may purchase multiples of any existing pass option to save for the future. But be warned, after March 20th existing pass options will not be available.


Yogis in need:

At Village Yoga we believe finance is not a good reason for not practicing yoga. We will always work with those with special circumstances to accommodate a practice.

We have two primary solutions for special circum

stances but of course never hesitate to come chat with us about how we can support your yoga journey.

Energy Exchange: Trade some time to the studio for unlimited yoga. Duties usually include cleaning, & teacher help, but if you have special expertise we may be able to accommodate you in another way.

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