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Yogabarre Teacher Training

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Learn to teach this awesome fusion of

YOGA and BARRE METHOD exercises

OR deepen your practice & knowledge through this intensive weekend!

Nancy Norby is coming to Santa Cruz!

Nancy is a master teacher and a pioneer of barre fitness. She’s had a passion for movement since childhood. Physical fitness has always been a priority in her life with a special interest in muscle development, definition and alignment.

Nancy began her journey as a dancer and has taught movement for over 4 decades. She has bridged the gap from the dance world to aerobics to Lotte Berk Method and now hot Yoga.

Her journey has brought her to the latest development – Yogabarre.

Learn to teach her amazing method from the master herself!

Nancy has been teaching for over 30 years!

Nancy owned the first Barre studio in Los Angeles. She and her husband were trainers to the stars and wrote World Class Legs, a book published by Simon & Schuster while raising 6 children. She is a Barre innovator and has taught clients and teachers for over 30 years.

Nancy helped launch Hot8Yoga L.A. and it's 6 studios, authored the Yogabarre Teacher Training manual and led numerous Barre Certifications in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, Las Vegas Minneapolis, Washington D.C. Virginia, London and Bali.

She has a passion teaching teachers and for changing lives. Her method of conditioning develops long, lean intelligent muscle through dance and yoga inspired in movement.

Her Yogabarre school is registered with Yoga Alliance.

This is an awesome opportunity!

June 21-24 

9:30-5:30pm each day


The training will be held at

Motion Pacific Dance Studio

131 Front St. E

Santa Cruz, CA 95060


"I began practicing Nancy Norby’s YogaBarre when I asked one of my Bikram teachers which class she recommends I take on the days that her class conflicted with my work schedule. She answered with no hesitation that Nancy’s YogaBarre was the perfect compliment to my Bikram practice.

I had been working out on my own for years doing lots of varying activities that included HIIT, amidst my consistent yoga practice. I enjoyed challenging my abilities and finding new strength. Naturally after my first experience in Nancy’s class I was hooked. It was challenging yet approachable, fast paced yet slowed down at the exact right times, and most importantly, it was totally effective. I felt my body in a new way. I was building strength immediately, yet did not have the intense soreness that I felt after the past cross-training in which I was accustomed.

It was fun and dynamic and it absolutely complimented my Bikram practice. The strength, balance, and connection to my core seamlessly carried over into the 26 postures, and I began expanding beyond and through my new strength, flexibility, and body awareness each and every day.

I will never forget the day I was hiking in Temescal Canyon and we got off the trail and found ourselves in treacherous terrain. I was climbing, jumping, and leaping like a gazelle with total ease and confidence. It hit me that I was moving and maneuvering from my center in a brand new way. It was a big revelation. I was now connected to my core and moving intelligently from that space versus compartmentalizing my body and feeling divided and misaligned in my being.

I decided to take the training with the promise of getting in fantastic shape and because I was intrigued to dive deeper into this class that was changing my physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to my center. I signed up despite the fact that I was not a dancer like most of the absolutely gorgeous barre teachers and I did not have the full confidence to deliver a class like Nancy or the other teachers.

I did not fully expect to teach or ever be any good at teaching. And then something shifted along the way and now I absolutely love guiding others through their bodies and helping them discover the joy and freedom within the grace and strength.

My journey from student, to teacher trainer, to teacher, to confident teacher has been one of deep awakening. Nancy’s program helped me to blossom and allowed me to believe that I am always capable of more than I previously believed. To me the key to the magic of YogaBarre is the creation of clear connection to the core, not only physically, but emotionally, intuitively, energetically, and spiritually. After class students leave feeling stronger and uplifted and it is an absolute honor to help lead them to that beautiful place within."

Marilyn Haifa

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