Welcome to Village Yoga's Wellness Room!   

Inside our sacred space is another treat...more opportunities for you to support  your health and expansion. BODY WORK, REIKI, and B-12 SHOTS are incredible ways to deepen your own healing and self awareness.  We proudly support these practitioners in their desire to share their gifts and knowledge with you.  We encourage you to take advantage of the convenience, ease and comfort of our space and healers!

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$22 plus



B-12 SHOTS give a natural boost in energy! 

Perfect for everyone - especially for those living a busy life, athletes, seniors, vegetarians/vegans and anyone on prescription medications.

Treats: Fatigue, Anemia, Cold & Flu, Anxiety, Insomnia & more.


Just B12


(your energy)
B12 + B complex


(your mood)
B12 + B6


(the calories)
B12 + MIC + Carnitine


(your hormones)
B12 + B6 + MIC


(inside & out)
B12 + MIC + Biotin


(your life)
B12 + B complex + B5


(your mind)
B12 + B6 + Carnitine


(your immunity)
B12 + Immune Boost


(Vitamin D)
25,000 IU


(the toxins)
Glutathione (200mg)

Fridays 5:15-6pm

Dr. Caitlin Fanning

with Pacific Coast Integrative Health


Dr. Caitlin Fanning is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the state of California. She is passionate about teaching patients how to align their bodies with health and nature. She aims to teach, inspire, and empower her patients by helping them understand the way their bodies work so they are able to honor their health with kindness and patience.

Dr. Fanning always aims to find the cause of suffering rather than only treating symptoms, and always minimizes the use of pharmaceuticals whenever possible. She treats patients of all ages and conditions with specialties in fertility, pre-conception care, women's health, hormone health, digestive health, nutrition, stress management, and pediatrics. She is also is an expert in female cycle charting for the use of pregnancy prevention or conception.

When she's not working, she enjoys breathing in the ocean air and being among the great redwood trees. You can usually find her cooking with local market foods, reading, practicing yoga, gardening, hiking, or doing hydrotherapy rounds at the spa.


RYT - 500



Besides teaching weekly:  

Sundays 6pm Yoga Bliss (Restorative)

Tuesdays 7:45pm Yin & Zen

Fridays 6pm Flow

Lisa offers private alternative healing sessions in our treatment room.


Her treatments are a blend of:

Yoga Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy & Reiki.

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Read About Her Private Healing Services Here: premamindbodyspirit.com

Schedule a session contact Lisa @ Premayoga108@gmail or 831 - 316 - 2686


Providing love, light & all that jazz thru intuitive therapeutic SWEDISH MASSAGE.

All the woo.

Just a smidgin’ of the woo-e-ness.

Dedicated to providing & promoting a healing pathway to wellness, wellbeing & worth.

My rates are as follows:


•60 minutes $75 (returning client)

•60 minutes $60 (new client special)

•90 minutes $115 (returning client)

•90 minutes $90 (new client) 


All Law Enforcement, First Responders & Military get the new client rates all the time. 


Purchase a four pack, and get all four at the new client rate(s). 


Contact Holly at: shanghimama@gmail.com

Thai Massage/Deep Tissue 

Intuitive Readings

Shambala Reiki

with JINDATI DiCaprio

Thai Massage/Deep Tissue = $45/hour

Ready to let go of old stories and find out who you really are?

Intuitive Energy Readings & Clearings

$45 Introductory price

The readings, similar to Reiki treatments but with intuitive feedback and chakra clearings, help to release stale and stagnant energies. With your permission, the trapped energy can be released and space is made for new beginnings. 

Call Jindati DiCaprio at 360-660-8002

To BOOK YOUR SPOT or get further information.


Jindati DiCaprio studied Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in a 3-year training in the mid 1985s in Germany. Thereafter, gave Hypnotherapy treatments and courses across Germany and the US for many years.

Jindati has been doing Shambala Reiki and life coaching for 30 years and graduated from Psychic Horizon Center in Boulder, CO, in 2012. She has been leading certified courses Level 1-4 & energy healing in the US, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali & India. 


Jindati is also a trained behavior therapist (ABA/RBT.) She built and managed an Art and Wellness Center in Pai, Thailand, from 2009 to 2015. During this time, Jindati had the honor of being trained & certified in Thai massage with renowned Thai therapists in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  


She is also a certified Hatha yoga teacher, dancer, director, playwright and producer.