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Village Yoga is privileged to have our studio graced with these local artists' creations.

We believe YOGA leads to an inspired life!

PLUS, check out our rotating artists on our walls!!

Sarah Bianco

Sarah will surely become enlightened after painting 1000 lotus petals at the top of her amazing chakra mural.


We are honored to have this special painting in our sacred space. Also, be sure to check out Sarah's awesome mural next to the clock tower!!

James Coldsnow

Lotus,  Mandala,  Chakras,  Prayer Wheel

Edward is a unique combination of prolific artist, designer, serial entrepreneur, environmentalist and marketing strategist with nearly 2,000 individual pieces created since 2012. 


His credits include premier appearances at the MAH and prestigious Palo Alto and River Art Festivals, The Tannery Arts

Center, Makers fair and many Santa Cruz county galleries.


He has major permanent works at numerous commercial sites and private collections throughout the United States.

Edward’s work is available exclusively by commission.

‘Site specific’ art and design –

831-419-5855 (text only please) - Facebook (ed.martinez14)

Amy Wolfe

Amy Wolfe.... is one of our in-house artists, a yogini jewelry designer.... and ....our curator for the walls of our loving space...Thru her daily practice of nearly 8 years here at Village Yoga ... Amy has been able to cultivate and clarify her artistic vision for what she calls  "...Be.  Heart.  Now™... "

...Be Heart Now™...     Best described as  ...’HEART-Headed’ … Hand-Sewn, Highly Photogenic, Wire-Worked LOVE on a Mighty Mission… Offering an Incredibly Hopeful and Quite Literal Visualization of What the World …IS and CAN BE… with Intentional ‘HEART-Headed’ Mindfulness…  A true Yogi's path..

After....  Hand-making adorable custom magnets, ornaments and mini frames... embellished with little happy ....Heart-Headed ....wire-worked and hand-sewn figures...  Amy then combines her adorable mini creations with Perspective photography to truly create and represent a 'Heart-Headed' world... taking her mission to new hilarious levels of love... Ya gotta take a peek at

...Amy is also known and loved for her Seriously Divine ... Jewelry Line... Vah'klempt!... She mixes the rawest of the raw with the finest of the fine... Creating custom jewelry that no yogini can deny!!! When you visit the studio you will see many yogini's wearing her empowering pieces.....


Both Amy's Offerings Invite You to Redefine the Human Design ...Be. Heart. Now... And Fully Shine...

Poppy deGarmo

Poppy de Garmo is a local photographer, chef, and production designer. She has cooked on film sets, in wineries, and in private homes as well as worldly locations.  She has also cooked for some Village Yoga festivities as well.


Her photography is famous for its portraits and, of course, the Village Yoga 10th Anniversary book, which may be still available. She is also known for her landscape photography and recently had a landscape show.


You can check out her work at

Richard Smith

Richard Smith is a vivacious, dynamic artist who specializes in capturing the beauty of the human form via ceramic sculpture.

Contact Richard:  


Beau Barcus

Ground Up Graphics

Beau Barcus has been stoking out VY with his amazing artwork and

graphics for years!

He is the one who designed our iconic Love & Gratitude Butterfly.

We are forever grateful for his cutting edge designs.

Catarina Hosler

Catarina Hosler uses aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper to construct her sculptures. She then adds neon to create colorful, illuminated lines for the metal shapes. 


Catarina is the artist and creator of our amazing neon Love & Gratitude sign that hangs in the front window.  We are grateful for how her sign so beautifully and colorfully lights up our space!

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