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  • Please be well hydrated

       prior to coming to class.

  • Practicing with an empty

       stomach is recommended.

​      Find what works for you! 


  • Bring a big towel

       (or 2 if you sweat heavily)

       to put over a yoga mat.

  • Please  be responsible

       for your sweat!

  • Bring a water bottle.


  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before

       class to give yourself time

       to park.


  • Be on time. We lock the

       front doors when class begins.


  • The entrance to the studio

        is on Front St. in the back of

        the El Centro Building.   

        (Next to New Leaf's parking lot.)


  • VY is located in a PAY parking lot.  

       Parking is FREE for 6am students!


  • If you are sick, please don't come

       to class.  Thank you!


  • Listen carefully. Our teachers are there to help you and take care of you. Let the instructions work their way into your body and heart. 

  • Take a break on your mat if you need to. Please stay in the room to stay acclimated to the heat. Each day is different; sometimes the best thing we can do for our body is to kneel down and take a rest.

  • Everyone is at a different level; don't compare yourself.  A good tip is to accept where you are at each day without judgement, and let your practice serve you from there.  

  • Remember to breathe. Work less, breathe more! Your breath is your connection to your nervous system.  The more calm and steady you are as you work your way through class, the better you will be able to meet the challenge of the poses, and the better you will feel!

  • Do your best to stay in savasana for at least 2 minutes after class, and feel free to stay even longer!   Savasana allows your body, heart rate and breath to normalize, and gives you time to assimilate the benefits and gifts of your practice.  And it just feels so darned good to lay down and rest, relax and simply be before moving on to the rest of your day.

  • Replenish with electrolytes– think coconut water, sea salt, watermelon juice, or an electrolyte supplement.  This will help prevent headaches and cramping.

  • Take a second class within 1-2 days. This will help you to learn the series, get used to the heat, and maximize your benefits. You will feel amazing!


To Rent:

Yoga Mats $2

Towels $2

To Buy:

Water $2

LaVie Drinks $6.50-$10

Yoga Clothes

Village Yoga Gear


Bike parking. 

Bikers get a FREE mat rental!

Filtered Water to fill up your bottle.

Showers for your convenience.




1106 Pacific Ave,

Santa Cruz, CA 95060 
Entrance is on Front St.

©2017 by Baba Salami.