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Please create an ONLINE ACCOUNT
to sign up for classes & to purchase a membership.

Give the Gift of Yoga to someone you love!
"Check out as Guest" if you are not a member.


This is 30 consecutive days
from the date of purchase
*unlimited days of yoga
for people that have 
to Village Yoga &

are Santa Cruz County Residents!!

*Unlimited 30 days for $135/month AUTOPAY
(minimum 3 months)
This is ongoing you may cancel after 3 months. 

*Unlimited 30 days for $150/month.

*Unlimited days means unlimited
for the month, not unlimited classes.
Please attend ONE CLASS per day.
With our limited space, we want to give everyone a chance to practice. Thank you. 

All class packs expire one year from purchase date.
Our policy for expired packs: if you purchase another class pack we honor the classes expired. 
Please email us so we can add the classes. 

There are NO REFUNDS!

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