Enjoy your class!


  • Please sign up ahead of time for class. 

  • YOU MUST CANCEL your registration if you cannot make it to class

           at least 4 hours ahead of time-12 hours before for 6am class.

           If you cannot make - there is a $20 NO SHOW fee.

  • WAITLIST - If you have been put on the waitlist for class, you will be notified by email or text anywhere from days to two hours before class (whenever someone cancels!) YOU MUST CONFIRM or CANCEL if you get into class from waitlist! We cannot hold your spot without confirmation.

  • TO CANCEL or SEE what classes you are signed up for, please access your MBO account!

- Go to MindBodyOnline.com 

- Find Village Yoga Santa Cruz

- Log In


- You may CANCEL from here.

Classes you are on  the waitlist for appear under WAITLIST

(small button on top right corner of My Classes.)


If you do not see a SIGN UP button for a class,

that class is full with a full waitlist!!!