The Classes


Hot 26

This yoga series is the original Hot Yoga Series. It is 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. This series is designed to address your entire body. It is a beginning class. It is accessible for people with wrist and shoulder impediments, and for people recovering from injury or illness.  It is an amazingly healing and therapeutic practice FOR ALL!

Hot 26 VIBES


with NO instruction.

with Music!

We all move together in silence.

Not recommended for beginners.

Sal headstand lighthouse.jpg

Hot 26 Plus

The HOT 26 PLUS class includes your favorite 26 postures plus MORE! The second set there is offered a variation that you can play with OR just do your second set the same if you just want your Hot 26 practice!

Hip openers, core strength building are all incorporated into this fun twist on the original hot yoga series. The HOT 26 PLUS is heated  and MUSIC depends on teacher.



Flow combines the therapeutic benefits of Hatha yoga & the upper body and core strengthening of a Vinyasa class.  Each class will focus on core strength and alignment.

Perfect for beginners and advanced students!

This class is HEATED with music!!!


Norby YogaBARRE (NYB) is a fun, dynamic fusion of BARRE Method exercises and functional yoga strength training developed by Nancy Norby. Fast paced and challenging, this class is a total body workout that focuses on building long, lean muscles that are so strong and flexible that they become resistant to injury.  Working on the mat, with light weights, and on the Barre, this class is designed to connect more deeply with intelligent breath to movement from the center, systematically working the muscles to fatigue, followed by immediate stretching, lengthening, and toning.


Allow the deeply nourishing and supported postures

along with healing breath to bring you into balance

with body, mind, and spirit.  

This practice is a perfect compliment to a Yang, 

(heated or demanding practice) as well as nourishment

and healing for a busy life style. Not heated.


Lisa is certified in Yoga Therapy as well as Cranial Sacral Therapy, and is a Reiki Master. She creates a safe and supportive environment so that you can truly LET GO, 

and allow the flow of your essence, your inner healer to become available. She will teach you to let the Yoga work for you so you can maintain health and wellness.




All levels of students are welcome!

Through the Yin postures we will calm & balance our body/mind, reduce stress & anxiety, increase circulation & flexibility, release fascia & improve joint mobility, balance the internal organs & increase chi or prana. 

No experience necessary, just be you and arrive in an open state.