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All classes are HEATED  - except the YIN & Restorative. 

First timers are welcome to all classes - except the SILENT.

All classes have music - except the yoga 26.


HOT 26

This class is the original Hot Yoga Series.
It is a set series of 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room designed to bring health, vitality, strength & flexibility in both the mind & body. 
This class is also great for people with wrist & shoulder impediments, and for people recovering from injury or illness. 
It is an amazingly healing and therapeutic practice FOR ALL!


with NO instruction.

We all move together in silence.
(Please no FIRST timers.) Please don't be intimidated...
you will love it. 


with Music

Puja handstand to cliff.jpg


The Vinyasa Flow classes are fun and different every time, as each teacher has their own unique style and approach. 

You will flow from one posture to the next connecting your breath with the movement.
Sun salutations, arm balances, inversions & core work will leave you feeling strong & calm. 
The yoga FLOW class is heated with music.



This Hot 26 FUSION class is a SET series that combines all the 26 postures of the original HOT yoga (yoga26) into a flow with some added postures, sun salutations & core work.

This class along with the yoga 26 & yoga 26 PLUS are great for people with shoulder or wrist impediments.

The yoga 26 FUSION class is heated with music. 



Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 8.14.09 AM.png


A fun, high energy class that includes cardio, core work, and full-body strengthening. 
The strength you build in this class complements all of the other ways in which you love to move.
This class is heated with music.



Through the Yin postures we will calm & balance our body/mind, reduce stress & anxiety, increase circulation & flexibility, release fascia & improve joint mobility, balance the internal organs & increase chi or prana. 

No experience necessary, just be you and arrive in an open state.

The yoga YIN class is NOT heated but the room is warm. 


With the use of props to support the physical body, we are guided into longer held poses allowing a deep state of relaxation. From a place of inner stillness we create the space to nourish and heal returning to a state of balance from the inside out.

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SOUND, BREATH, Meditation

unnamed (4).jpg

Join Courtney & Alex as we journey into flow state by way of asana, breath, and meditation, as you are moved by rhythm and vibration, and held in a state of harmony.
In this 2 hour workshop you will experience a full and balanced yoga practice (ample creative modifications offered for all levels), a variety of pranayamas as well as the Breath Wave practice, guided meditation, and visualization, all while being immersed in a live musical sound bath that ebbs and flows with the energy of the breath and body.
This workshop is open to the novice breathworker and yogi as well as experienced practitioners.

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