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Intermediate Teacher Training with Ida Ripley

Updated: May 21, 2018

The I.R.I.S.

(Ida Ripley's Intermediate Series)

is a next level practice for students who love the Ghosh lineage and style of traditional Hot Yoga.

Class is open to the public 12:00-1:30pm - June 26,27,28

In this Series we focus more effort on upper body strength through foundational arm balancing, as well as learn inversion postures and deeper hip and spine opening. It is designed to be accessible to a wide range of students while still being a challenging step forward for students of the Beginner's practice.

As a participant in this 3-day teacher training, you will learn the techniques for each posture including steps for developing depth, as well as effective vocal commands for leading your students.  Each participant will receive a 28-page full color manual with photos and breakdowns of each of the postures.  The Intermediate Teacher Training is continuing education for hot yoga teachers who are ready to learn and teach more! By the end of training, you will be equipped to lead the Intermediate Series. 

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Check out Ida! This is captivating.

Ida Ripley is a 5X Western Canadian Hatha Yoga Champion. She has practiced Bikram yoga for over 15 years and has presented at the professional level as the first Bikram sanctioned Canadian yogi to lead workshops and seminars worldwide. Since 2003 Ida has been teaching full time, in several countries around the globe, and has been teaching in-depth workshops and seminars since 2009. As the creator of the I.R.I.S. and Yin96, her knowledge of postures paired with her clear and concise teaching style creates a wonderful balance of hard work & and “a-ha” moments in all of her classes. Be Inspired and learn from the best. No matter your yogi level, flexibility, knowledge or experience Ida’s classes will leave you feeling excited about your practice. 


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