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SHASTRI - Special Guest Teacher

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Join Shastri on Saturday, April 28 from 4:oo-7:00 pm at Village Yoga

for a rigorous & unique asana practice followed by his thoughts on

The Key to Living Awake.

We are honoured to have Shastri share his experience and wisdom of yoga with the Santa Cruz yoga community at Village Yoga.

Don't miss this special opportunity to learn more about what yoga is from a real yoga master. 

Join the Village Yoga Santa Cruz Crew and Shastri for a unique and rigorous asana practice followed by an incredible discussion with Shastri on the Keys to Living Awake!

Meditation is to free ourselves from chasing after the short-lived attractions of life outside of us.

Once we are freed from this prison that restricts us to our personal desires and endearments for a few persons closer to us, we awaken to the fact that we and others are one.

Harming them even at the thought level is actually harming ourselves.

Shastri is a well-known and highly sought after hatha yoga teacher with an extensive background in yoga philosophy.

He has been teaching yoga and yoga philosophy for 30 years, and is responsible for training some of the Bay Area and the county's most respected yoga teachers.

Shastri has a unique ability to articulate his deep knowledge of the physical and spiritual aspects of yogic philosophy to students.

More About Shastri:

Shastri was born in the small village of Shamli, India, and raised in a Brahmin family.

In India he studied under the guidance of guru Shri Vishnu Prasadji, and his own father the Sanskrit Scholar Damodar Shastri.

After years of experience and study, Shastri has developed his own unique yet traditional style of teaching yoga; known for its accessibility, rigour, and completeness.

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