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Patience & Persistence Pay Off

Patrick doesn't really like to talk about how much weight he lost by practicing Bikram Yoga but we coerced it out of him!

He likes to focus more on how it led him to lead a more authentic life. After all, our practice is not about perfect bodies or how well we can execute the postures. Just like Patrick, if you practice often and long enough, you too will be talking about your internal transformation and how yoga makes you FEEL!

The hard work is worth are worth it.

We think his story is amazing! We had the honor of watching Patrick transform right before our eyes. And now he is one of our most passionate teachers.


Please don't hesistate to talk to us at the front desk about any concerns or questions you may have. We support you in your journey to your Authentic Self!

Lots of Love & Gratitude,

Sally, Amy and the Village Yoga Team

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